Factors Influencing Employee Performance: Job Engagement as a Mediating Variable

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Noor Salim
Mafizatun Nurhayati
Lenny Christina Nawangsari


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of organizational culture on employee performance, considering the mediating role of employee engagement and the intervening effect of esprit de corps. The methodology involves a descriptive survey conducted among civil servants at the North Kalimantan Ministry of Religious Affairs. The research model integrates organizational culture as the independent variable, employee performance as the dependent variable, with esprit de corps as the intervening variable and employee engagement as the mediating variable. The population includes civil servants in North Kalimantan, with a sample size determined for the preliminary survey. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire focusing on indicators of organizational culture, esprit de corps, employee engagement, and employee performance. The most striking results indicate a significant gap between the current and ideal levels of employee performance, with task performance, contextual performance, adaptive performance, and counterproductive behavior not meeting expectations. Organizational culture, particularly leadership competence, has a notable influence on employee engagement and performance. The findings suggest that enhancing esprit de corps and employee engagement can improve overall performance.

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