The Models of Indonesian Students to Study in Higher Education Institutions in China

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Ding Chong
Sugeng Santoso
Lenny Christina Nawangsari


Studying in China for educational purposes is one of the genuine aspects of China's higher education and an essential component of talent development via higher education. It is also an important factor in Chinese education overseas. With the opening of numerous areas and regions, education has become an important field and a point of entry for interactions between China and other nations owing to its unique qualities. This research seeks to identify the Models of the Role of the CNY Agency for Indonesian Students Enrolling in Chinese Higher Education Institutions. This research used the SEM (Structural Equation Model) approach using the SMART-PLS 3.0 analytic tool, which was proved on 201 respondents who are students studying in China through the CNY Agency's consultation. This research discovered that student motivation, personal relationship, discipline, and student satisfaction directly affect student performance and that student satisfaction mediates the effects of student motivation and discipline on student performance.

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