Transforming Industrial E-commerce Adoption to Achieve Business Success

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Mohamad Abu Ghazaleh
Salam Abdallah


This research aims to explore the transformation of e-commerce adoption in the industrial sector, identifying barriers to success and opportunities for growth and innovation. Utilizing the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), we conducted a comprehensive literature review to assess factors influencing e-commerce adoption, focusing on perceived usefulness and ease of use. The research methodology includes a detailed analysis of expert insights and existing literature, targeting the industrial sector's unique challenges. Key factors such as customer service, product selection, and payment options were evaluated for their impact on e-commerce implementation. The study's findings reveal that, despite the potential benefits of increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability, industrial e-commerce faces higher project failure rates compared to retail. This discrepancy highlights the need for tailored strategies to enhance adoption rates within the industrial domain. The research also acknowledges limitations due to the scarcity of specific literature and the focus on only two variables in the conceptual model. Ultimately, this paper provides valuable recommendations for policymakers and business leaders aiming to leverage industrial e-commerce for organizational growth.

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