Personal Observations on Qualitative Research Data Collection and Publications: Positivity, Problems, and Challenges

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Md. Kausar Alam


The study intends to write the viewpoint based on the author’s research experience in dealing with his PhD journey and several projects’ data collection. Specifically, this paper aims to outline the personal observations of the researcher in qualitative research and publications highlighting the positivity, problems, and challenges. The argument draws upon personal experience and observations on the contemporary debates about qualitative research data collection in the context of Bangladesh and publication among academicians and researchers. It is not easy to collect data in qualitative research. Respondents are not interested in spending their time as they are concerned about their time, potential risk, and any uncertain difficulties. In addition, they do not understand the benefits of the research and their benefits. They asked, “Is there any benefit for them or there are any problems if they participate in the research?” Some of the respondents are aware of their institutional problems. They try to raise their voice to solve the issue and for the betterment of the industry. Moreover, some of the respondents are very flexible and openhearted in providing the responses and welcoming the research. Some of the editors and reviewers are more flexible in qualitative research and some are not interested in qualitative research. Thus, selecting a good journal makes it difficult to publish qualitative research papers. The paper is the perceptions of the author’s data collection experiences and research publications.

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